At GoldenBatis Co, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art refinery, where precision meets excellence. Our cutting-edge facilities ensure the production of top-quality bitumen products that exceed industry standards. From rigorous testing to meticulous refining processes, trust GoldenBatis for all your bitumen needs.

Bitumen Products

We are specializes in a comprehensive range of bitumen products tailored to diverse construction needs. Our portfolio includes high-quality cutback bitumen, versatile bitumen emulsions, durable oxidized bitumen, and premium-grade gilsonite. Additionally, we offer crystal bitumen renowned for its exceptional performance. With our commitment to excellence and innovation, GoldenBatis is your trusted partner for superior construction solutions.

Base Oil

Base oil, the key ingredient in lubricants, comes in mineral (refined oil) or synthetic types. Mineral oil is grouped by quality, while synthetic offers better performance and extreme temperature resistance.


Refinery wax, also called paraffin wax, is a solid material extracted from crude oil during processing. It’s a versatile product used in candles, crayons, polishes, and even some food applications after thorough refining.


Our urea fertilizer packs the highest nitrogen content (46%), giving your plants a powerful green boost! Affordable and versatile, it requires proper timing and application for best results.


Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is a semi-solid mixture of mineral oils and waxes. Originally derived from crude oil, it’s refined to create a colorless or faint yellow, odorless substance. Prized for its moisture-locking properties, it forms a protective barrier on the skin.


In the industrial world, “soda” refers to a solution of water and a base, the opposite of acid. GoldenBatis supplies essential industrial sodas like Caustic Soda for heavy-duty cleaning, and Dense & Light Soda Ash for various manufacturing processes.

Recycled Base Oil

Recycled base oil breathes new life into used oil. Made through filtration and processing, it removes impurities and transforms dirty oil back into a lubricant. Compared to virgin oil from crude, recycled oil offers environmental benefits .


Our state-of-the-art refinery uses advanced techniques to convert crude oil into essential products. We prioritize environmental responsibility, implementing processes that minimize waste and promote resource efficiency. Committed to innovation, we continuously seek ways to reduce our impact while meeting the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

Product of GoldenBatis

GB  transforms crude oil into a diverse range of high-quality products. Our portfolio caters to various needs, from:

1: Performance-driven fuels that keep your engines running smoothly.

2: Versatile waxes, ideal for a multitude of applications.

3: Essential industrial sodas like caustic soda and soda ash, powering various industrial processes.

Each GoldenBatis product is meticulously refined, ensuring purity, consistency, and exceptional performance. We are committed to providing reliable solutions that meet the strictest industry standards.

Explore the GoldenBatis advantage and discover how our products can empower your success.




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